My Mom-Journey

Hi Friends!

The fact that you’re here means that you know me a little 🙂 and I’m here to share some more about myself, my ideas, learnings, experiences et al. in the process of doing so, hope to know more about you, your ideas, your learnings and your experiences et al. Writing the first blog is the toughest challenge like forever the first step is heaviest.

After a lot of brainstorming of what to write and what not to and trashing half written articles I finally found what I could write best about. Its my ‘Mom-Journey’.

I’m a First Time Mother (FTM) to a 20 months (and 23 days to be precise ;)) old baby girl who has me on my toes all day (even when she’s asleep!). Elizabeth Stone said:

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous.

It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside of your body. ”

I knew what she meant when I became a mother. I was extra careful, over possessive, highly concerned and baby-on-the-mind-24×7 type of mom. So much so that I won’t even trust my own family members around her and YES! that includes her daddy as well! I would think that I know what’s the best for her and everyone else wouldn’t do things as they needed to be done or that they won’t be able to read her signals or predict her next action like I can. Have you have ever felt that way too?

I didn’t like people coming to our place and wanting to hold her when she was less than a month old and comment on anything at all (God knows why they love doing so!) thankfully they were all nice people and understood my fears and it wasn’t as bad as I had read or heard about. They all came and gave her blessings and love for which I am ever so grateful to them.

I would’ve possibly become the kind of mother who runs and hugs her child even she trips while learning how to walk and kiss her and worry in case she got hurt but I realised that in doing so I’m going to be making her far more delicate and sensitive than what the world demands. I didn’t want her to become someone who would look for any support when she falls instead she should be capable enough of dealing with them on her own. I want her to be someone who can support others if needed.

So I decided I’m not going to be running to pick her after every fall, tell her that its okay to get hurt, that she doesn’t need mama at each point to pick her up instead she can get up-dust her hands-and get back! Luckily for me, my girl loved it! She’s becoming a strong and daring little girl who doesn’t cry so easily (unless of course she’s really hurt herself badly) instead she says “Offfooooo” while dusting her hands off!

I’ve loved this little journey from a super caring and controlling mama to being a more cautious yet chilled out mama. The journey is long and I’m learning each day and will continue to do so. There’s so much more that I can add to this story that it carry on forever but i’ll stop here because I’m keen to hear your ‘mom-journey’ story. Do share your story and tell me what would you want me to write about next.

Laters 🙂

PS: has any of you used the mosquito net that comes along with the pram? I did, not to keep just the mosquitoes away but to also keep people away from touching when she was little;)

Laters Laters 🙂


Hello Fellas!


So, here I am writing my first post in my first blog (self made- ha!), finding myself flooded with in-numerous thoughts and wanting to lay them down on the table but alas! This ain’t a table and I practically can’t lay my thoughts down!

So, if you’re reading this – share about you. and most importantly -share something you’re proud of. And I’ll share mine!

Luck Always